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Full Version: Gentoo Issues
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I continue to try to install Gentoo, but it just isn't working out for me... so hopefully someone here can help. happy.gif

I follow the instructions in the manual, but when I try to boot it, I just get a black screen. O_o Nothing happens. Unlike the first time I tried this, I did not use genkernel (or whatever the command is), but instead I complied the kernel myself (as per the instructions in the install manual).

I'm going to try the .config file that hughesjr gave me (I was going to try that originally, but at the time I couldn't find the post... *laughs*), and come back in a bit.

I've had nothing but problems when trying to complie kernels in the past (While I'd love to blame it on my nforce2 chipset, I'm guessing it's my fault XD)

I've heard of using Knoppix to help you in your install of Gentoo... how would I go about doing that? happy.gif

The Universal Live CD is what I have been using.

I've learned alot going through the install 5-6 times now... though each time I've failed. (sometimes it's a problem with me installing lilo over grub, and screwing up the MBR, sometimes it just doesn't work period). I really can't wait to get this working. happy.gif
When exactly do you get the black screen? Just after selecting the system to boot from the grub menu?

What stage did you install from? 1 or 3? As well, this could have something to do with framebuffer, check your grub kernel line for a vga= setting, perhaps you didn't compile framebuffer into your kernel, or perhaps grub is trying a higher resolution then it should. If that's the case, you can edit the grub boot line by pressing 'e' (i believe) and you can take out the vga= part and try to boot regularly.

After POST, Lilo comes up. smile.gif I select Gentoo, and a black screen appears. I wait for a few minutes before restarting. happy.gif

Thanks, I'll check the lilo.conf file, and remove the vga line (or change it to something less). smile.gif
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