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Full Version: Redhat 8 Cd Audio Problem
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Hey there,

I've recently installed a clean copy of Redhat 8.0, workstation, with a copy of extras picked from custom package selection. Everything is fine, picked up all my hardware and looked good!

Sound is working fine. It will play wav,mp3,wma,ogg and the like, but refuses to play audio cd's. Before someone pipes up, YES the audio cable is connected to the M/B, and both cdroms (one a dvd - the default, one a cd-rw) play fine in windows XP (on dual boot). One drive, the dvd-rom is DMA enabled, the other isnt.

When an audio cd is inserted into the dvd drive, the drive spins up, the cd player is fired up, and it correctly identifies the CD through CDDB, and starts playing it. The counter happily goes up, but you cant hear a thing. The volumes are all set right, and nothing happens when configured to use the other drive instead.

Anyone got a clue? It's doing my head in, because this is the only format it wont play sound with. I read somewhere that if DMA is enabled, it can extract the audio digitally over the bus, but obviously this doesnt happen either.

It's a shame because I was soooo impressed with the latest build.

Thanx for any comments


p.s. This occurs under gnome and kde, using the default gnome cd player, kscd and xmms.
This definitly sounds like a mixer problem. Obviously if it works in XP, then it's not a hardware issue (ie. cables, etc.). I believe Redhat installs with Alsa enabled, so you should open up a console, and type "amixer", that will bring up your alsa mixer. Scroll over and make sure that there are no cd-player mixer channels on mute (ie. volume all the way down), you can fix it there if any are down, and exit out with Esc.

That should do it, I can't see any other reason for it. (Maybe try a few different programs).

Thanks for your reply. I've check the mixer setttings, and have set the whole lot to max. None are on mute, and i presume the 'lock' option does something other than prevent audio cd playback.

Once again, thanks for your suggestions - i'm as miffed as you are!

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