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Full Version: Acpi: S3/pae Do Not Like Each Other..
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So I just installed the new fedora core 2 on my box to play with. So far so good, but I'm having one _huge_ problem that I cant find any info/help on. I've googled/searched this board aswell and have gotten nothing. Hopefully someone can help. Whats going on is every time I boot this machinejust before it actually starts to boot i get the

uncompressing Linux....ok, Booting kernal (witch is normal)

then i get this line under it

'ACPI: s3 and PAE do not like each other for now, s3 disabled'

then the machine will hang for about 5 mins, spit out some ATA errors then start booting normaly.

Ive checked with guys on irc/google and have come to that ACPI is somehow power related? ... someone said it might also be something to do with having over 4gigs of ram... but I only have 512. Because of the errors I'm assuming it might have something to do with my 250gig SATA drive?... oh, and when i boot into win xp it works fine :/

Thanks in advance for any help.
Having the same issue with two Dual iPentium II boxes that I am setting up as a Beowulf Clustered Workstation under RedHat Fedora FC2 (kernel 2.6.6-1.435smp.

Each machine has:
Dual Pentium II 266MHz (mb can't go any faster)
256mb RAM
nVidia GeForce FX 128mb video
Sound Blaster Live 5.1
hdb is CDROM
hdc is 3gb (/tmp)
hdd is 1gb (swap)
KVM to 19in Samsung 900p, keyboard, and MarbleFX

node1 has:
hda 40gb (/)
eth0 (d-link 530tx)
eth1 (d-link 530tx)
eth2 (LinkSys TNE100TX/tulip @ DHCP)
bond0 (eth0 and eth1 @ node1/node2)

node2 has:
hda 120gb (/)
eth0 (LinkSys TNE100TX/tulip)
eth1 (LinkSys TNE100TX/tulip)

node1 and node2 exclusive network via crosswire on bond0 of each node. node1 has access to network and the internet via eth2 through switch to DHCP router. Setup so that dropping firewall gives node2 access for updates. Am presently setting up LAM for cluster, but not yet emplimented. Would like to resolve this issue and another with SB Live!, emutools and no audio from audio CD before doing so.

Is there some kind of change/settings in the BIOS APM/ACPI settings that may take care of this? I look and have nothing about S1, S2, S3 et al in my BIOS.

Thanks for your support,

GregS <><
One solution is may be disabling ACPI while startup.
Login as root and enter command setup and disable ACPI from the list of services that has to started during startup.

Then let's see if the warning disappears.Otherwise you will have to live with it.
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