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During my upgrade and installing various packages i find my self needing other dependices...and i remeber seeing a database on a site that had a ton of RPM dependinces anyone know what i am talking about wink.gif
What linux distro ... because I find that having apt-get installed is great for fedora core 1 / redhat 8/9 ...

apt resolves most dependancies on the fly and just installs what you need. is a good place to find rpms if you want to do it tha manual way....
it just means you have to have more than one rpm installing at a time. So you need to install a.rpm and b.rpm at the same time so..
rpm -Uvh a.rpm b.rpm
well i am looking for these and cant find them ......i am trying to install APT and it says i need these
are you tring to install the apt for your distro ... it looks like you need the rpm...

what is your distro?
yea i am tring to add it to fedora
you can download the latest version of rpm for fedora core 1 from here (rpm-4.2.1-0.30.i386.rpm).

the latest for fedora core 2 is here (rpm-4.3.1-0.3.i386.rpm).

The apt that you want to install for FC1 is here (

for FC2 is here (

for future searchers:
FC1 Apt
FC2 Apt
(Install the apt-xxx binary ... the top file)
Got it thanks
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