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Full Version: I Think I Screwed Up My Hard Drive
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Okay. I think I really messed up my hard drive. I installed Linux on a blank secondary hard drive and everything was running fine. Then I realized that I did not partition my hard drive correctly so I used Fdisk to remove the partitions (upon advice from a friend). I'm not sure what I did, but now I can't access my master hard drive which has Windows. It doesn't even load windows anymore and whenever I use Fdisk the hard drive freezes and I can't even view the partitions or remove them. I can't even reinstall windows because it is so messed up. The funny thing is that I was able to access the master drive files in Linux even after I partitioned my hard drive and now all of a sudden I can't. I'm not sure if it's a Fat16 vs Fat32 thing or what. Maybe I accidentally partitioned the master hard drive which I think is using Fat16 and I just need to get it back to normal (if that's even possible). Now I'm just rambling. Any advice.
Oh so many times I have heard this. A friend of mine was famous for doing this all the time. By the sounds of it, you did partition the wrong drive. But, we should check and make sure. Start your computer with a windows bootdisk (you did make a bootdisk didn't you?), and boot into your command prompt. Run fdisk from dos, and get the list of partitions. Check and make sure that it still reads your hard drive as a dos partition, if so, you may be safe. If it does still read as DOS, then exit out of fdisk, and from the command prompt, type "fdisk /mbr". This should erase your mbr so that your computer will (hopefully) boot right into windows. If this doesn't work, then I'm not quite sure what else to do, bight the bullett, and re-install. Maybe this could be your chance to try linux 100% on your system.

Good luck.
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