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This just might be the stupidist cry for help you guys have ever read, if u can picture it, it's actually quite funny.

Recently changed from gnome to kde (2 days ago) and have been customising my themes and icons etc.. as u do. Somewhere along the line I have managed to change all my folders to look like.... well folders but with hearts on! I'm not joking and have no idea how to get rid of them. I was attempting to customise one or two to look like they did in gnome, u know some with a lock on, some with a star on etc...
As far as i know i right clicked on one, changed the icon and they all changed.

The question is, how do i change the default folder style to get them back to normal? this is nothing to do with the theme as it happend after i had finished doing all that. All my folders have changed and when i create a new folder, guess what? it too has a stupid heart on it. This as u can tell is very annoying and quite frankly has got the better of me. Please can someone with some KDE experience help me out as i just can't stand it anymore.
This is not a solution but soon i will checkout and reply..

But you have posted the question in the wrong area.!!! mad.gif mad.gif
I moved you from Tip and Tricks to Tech Support ... I don't know how to fix it either smile.gif ... at least hearts are pretty...
DId you load a custom set of Icons? I am guessing that the some how the "defualt" folder icon in that set has a heart on it, I don't know how else that would have happened.

Try reloading the custom icon set, or try loading a different one. Sorry, I don't have a better answer for you.
Problem solved.

Firstly can I say thanks to you guys for having a go at my little problem, it was very much appreciated.
If you are interested, what I had done was changed the filetype folder (Icon) to one that looks like a heart. This meant that no matter what Icon theme i used, they were not going to change because of the folder filetype was always going to over-ride it. I knew it was something simple and stupid.

Thanks again for having a go and I'm sorry I posted this in the wrong place to begin with, it won't happen again.

BFN, trifler.
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