I used the KUser app to edit the user accounts on my FreeBSD 5.2 partition. I realized a little too late that the expiration date for root was something like "December 16, 1952"

Needless to say, I can no longer login as root. I tried booting fbsd into recovery mode, then mounted / and /usr, then did the chpass command to change the expiration date. Didn't work. I tried making my user as root (by giving him user id 0) but I don't know how, so that didn't work. Is there any way to log into my root account?

Also, another problem I'm having is that...well...here is how I have my tiny home network setup

DSL -> Router
My Computer <- Router -> Brother's comp

My brothers comp runs nice and smooth (internet that is) where as mine is extremely sluggish. I think it just hangs for some reason...because I can still download at 160+ kbps but it takes like 30 seconds to go to a page (to resolve the name?) Not sure what is going on. Is there a way to make a certain DNS server as the first to be used? I think its using my router, then my backup. I want it to use backup first. Maybe this will fix the problem

One last thing...what irc server is #linuxhelp on? Would like to join the community biggrin.gif

Thank in advanced. I appreciate it.