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Full Version: Opengl For Nvidia
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1) i'm using the kde window manager ,using the nvidia mx200 32 mb........are these two driver for
i) NVIDIA_GLX-1.0-4180
ii) NVIDIA_KERNERL-1.0-4180

2) why everytime i played vcd using xine the pic. just like played frame by frame not very
This could be caused by any number of things; xine binary not optimized for your cpu, the proper video modules weren't compiled with xine to support the format of the movie you are viewing, etc.

As well, it may be possible that your drivers for your geforce weren't picked up correctly. While in X, open up a console and type "glxinfo" and at the very top of the output, there should be a line stating "Direct Rendering: Yes", if that line says "no" then that may be your problem. Check to make sure that the "nvidia" module is loaded (lsmod), and that your XF86Config-4 is configured to use it.
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