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Full Version: Dial-up Problems
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I am running Linux with an external 56k modem. My ISP seems to reject my id and password even though I know they are correct. I know they are correct because I put the exact same id and password onto my Windows machine and can login with no problem. I tried buying a new modem and it does the same thing. I have Redhat 9, Debian, and Lycoris installed, and all do the same thing. This seems like such a stupid problem, but I am really stuck. Any help is greatly appreciated. This machine is my experiment machine--- I am willing and eager to do anything because I have nothing to loose.



PS, here is the log from one of my attempts

ATD 3012960570
Connect 45333 v42bis

Error 15-Link was terminated because the peer is not responding to echo requests

Another log actually says that my id was sent but not recognized.
The user name and password for connecting to the ISP (ISP assignes them to you when you sign up for the account with them) are totally different from the user name and password that you create yourself when signing up (these are good only for e-mail retrieval but not for actually connecting to the ISP)

You need to know the user-name and password that your ISP gave you and enter them into your Linux dialer.

Look around the properties of your Windows dialer and try to find something that says "network id" and "network password" (at least that is what ATT Worldnet calls them); if you cannot find that info, call your ISP and ask them; sorry, cannot give more specific location of info you need, its location varies from ISP to ISP and I only know ATT Worldnet;

good luck and let me know if this advice was any good;

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