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Full Version: Change Video Settings?
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Newbie problem:

I have installed Redhat 7.3 on a DELL Dimension 2350 with a Dell E772p monitor.

Gnome selected during install.

Selected the VESA generic video driver suggested during setup and generic superVGA 1024x768 mode.

The system will come up in a distorted video GUI and then switch to text shell.

How do I adjust the video resolution from the command line? or should I just re-install?

Is there an install app I can call up and re-select the video settings without re-installing again?

How do I force the GUI back on?

You can edit the XF86Config file to get your video back up and running untill you can install the correct modules for your video card and monitor.

There will be a block of code that looks something like this

Section "Screen"
   Identifier "screen1"
   Device "device1"
   Monitor "monitor1"
   DefaultColorDepth 24
   Subsection "Display"
       Depth 24
       Modes "1024x768"

You may have more subsections or what not, you will just need to change the 1024x768 to something like 800x600 That should get you up and running.

If that doesn't, that its probably the refresh rate thats messing you up. Find the refreshrate settings for you monitor and post them and we can help you.

As for getting the video modules installed correctly, is it an onboard VGA or a card? If its a card, what kind of card is it, and if its on-board, do you know the make of the motherboard, or what kind of chipset it is? These are the things we will need to know in order to help get you up and running.
As i Redhat-7.3 there was a tool callled
xconfigurator for changing the video settings from command prompt.

Enter command
# xconfigurator
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