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Full Version: Grub Problem
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How do i go about repairing gub boot loader??.....when i reboot the system i get the grub prompt and thats it...i have to boot the system with a boot disk....any info would be great
Put in your CD for your linux distro, and type rescue at the boot command promt. (This should work on allmost any major distro) There should be an option somewhere for "restore boot loader" if you can't find that, find a copy of The Linux Rescue CD, that can do it to.
ok i will try that i have fdora core 1 ...i guess it would be disk one of the distro
ok i put the disk in and booted to rescue and now i have a sh prompt....what do i type to reload the bootloader?
You probally want to edit your "grub.conf" in /etc

I don't think you have to run a command after editing the grub.conf file, thankfully. smile.gif
As long as grub is actually running, you only really need to edit the grub.conf file. You can mount the root partition and than fix what ever the error is and than reboot.

I don't know what the command is to re-install the bootload on a fedora CD. So I am sorry, I can't help you there. Can you press any of the function buttons to see anything more? Sometimes it will list things if you press a function button.
well i found my problem, i upgraded my system from a 8gb drive to a 40gb drive. well i moved the 8gb which was master, i made it a slave and added the new 40gb to master...well i didnt restore the MBR on the 8 gb so the system was still sencing the OLD MBR :S wink.gif unsure.gif So i restored the MBR on the 8 gb drive and bam i am booting YAY
Never mind...sorry for replying late...

But you can always repair...grub in following two steps...

1.Edit your file grub.conf if you have made any change in the
configuration of file system.And make appropriate entry for that.
2.Enter command :-
# grub-install /dev/hda

assuming /dev/hda is name of your HRD disk.

And reboot your system.Enjoy!!!!! cool.gif cool.gif cool.gif
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