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Full Version: Almost Working Postfix
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well I'm at those very last steps, and have a problem...don't know how to resolve

when I wan't to start cyrus

/etc/init.d/imapd start
saslauthd[19691] :set_auth_mech : unknown authentication mechanism: pam

what do I miss here, or what have I mistyped ? where could I search , I mean where would this file (that is causing the problem) located?

Robert B
I think the problem is that there are some cyrus programs installed as part of the original install and they do not include pam authentication.

Let me know if you get it to work. I am working on this as well for my guide.

I think Cyrus-sasl is the problem,

I did it's configuration again, and it won't detect pam, altought it's installed on the system... I think this is causing the problem...

havent found a solution yet, still looking


I have pam-devel,pam_smb,pam_krb5 , pam install, latest rpm version, ...and /lib/security has those pam*.so files

Robert B
I now have a working postfix install, using only WhiteBoxEL base rpms I have the following:

SMTP - to send and recieve mail from other servers
IMAPs (S means via ssl) - meaning all passwords are encrytped
POP3s (S means via ssl) - meaning all passwords are encrypted
SASL (SMTP AUTH) - to send user e-mail form a seperate client. With no PLAIN text and no ANON (anonymous) mail sending ... meaning that only authenticated users send mail, and passwords are encrypted.

Currently, the POP3s and IMAPs use the passwd and shadow file to authenticate users (meaning all users who have valid logins have valid e-mail addresses), but the SASL (SMTP AUTH) is using a seperate database for authentication to send e-mail.

I am working to get the SASL to use the passwd and shadow file as well, so no seperate database needs to be maintained for sending e-mail. As soon as I get this working, I will post a guide.

Right now (after adding a user and password via saslpasswd2 to /etc/sasldb2 for SASL authentication) I can send and recieve e-mail via the server with a local user, and via evolution on a remote client.

The difference is that there is no MySQL storage ... and currently no web based e-mail. I thought I might use squirrelmail as the web based interface, as version 1.2.11 is included in the WhiteBoxEL Distro.

Once I have squirrelmail working, the next item will be to add MailScanner (with clamav and Spamassassin).

I expect to have the the Postfix with SASL (SMTP AUTH), POP3s, and IMAPs part of the guide done very soon (maybe this evening) ... and I'll add the other items as I finish them.

I've been checking version 1.0.0 version of the same guide , there rpm's are used...wonder why the author suddenly moved to source in the latest release...

well anyways...the question would be, the application that don't work, that auth_mech PAM not known thingie, would it be a good idea to install the following packages via yum ? [would it screw up the test system, or do I have a chance of getting this work]

Robert B
The only thing that I know for sure that your solution will do that the stock one won't is allow items to be placed into the MySQL database. The rpm-only solution will not allow that (the postfix is not compiled with mysql support). All the other things that the guide you are following can be done ... and you can add users (and passwords) to a database as well as use PAM.

I am going to post the first part of my install guide in tips & tricks starting in a couple minutes.

What I found is that in order to use the PAM (or shadow) mechcanism, you had to allow (and use) Plain text to pass the password in for SMTP. (You can use encrypted POP3s and IMAPs, but not md5 type SMTP AUTH). It is possible to use TLS for SMTP, but I am not going to do that.

If you want a mail server that uses the passwd/shadow usernames and passwords and allows POP3 or IMAP and SMTP AUTH, then you can have a system up and running in a couple hours following my guide that I will post in tips and tricks.

As soon as I finish posting it, I am going to work on integrating squirrelmail. Once I get that working, I will post an update ...

The next item will be getting MailScanner (with Spamassassin and ClamAV) running on the Postfix/squirrelmail server.
OK ... my guide for installing upto and including squirrelmail is HERE
Thank you very much Johnny!,

that will be a BIG help for anyone who want's to set up a mail server smile.gif

Thank you smile.gif

Robert B
You are welcome .... I posted the MailScanner + SpamAssassin + ClamAV part now as well.

You should be able to get a fully functional server out of it now...
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