Hi Everyone!

I need some help with installing my Linmodem! Im using Mandrake 9.0 (kernel 2.4.19-16mdk I think). I have a Conexant modem, it is supported by the drivers. I download the file, install it and there is no /dev/modem or /dev/ttySHSF0 device files. I looked at their FAQ and it said to 'modprobe' it. And it said some errors about tainting the kernel. The modem ID is Manufactuer ID:8086 and Device ID:2486. It said about installing a generic kernel with a ACPI patch. Any help on how to do that or why the modem isnt installing in the first place.

One Note: Ive just gone over to mandrake in the last week, and loving it, but having to use windows for dial-up is annoying.

Also what is a Devfs based system?

Many Thanks.