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I am hoping that someone can help me

I have 3 computers.

I suse 8.2 workstation with dual nic's. First nic is contaclled by DHCP from my ISP. Second nic is for the internal network.

Second PC is win98 workstation and the 3rd PC is WINME laptop.

The problem I am having is that even through I can get the win98 pc to ping the linux macine I can not get onto the internet. I have all the information I can find to help and they are all saying to setup a DHCP.

I don't belive I can set this up as of the external DHCP. If any one has any help on this I will be most appreciative.
A $50 DSL/cable router will solve all your problems.
That would unfortunatly open the whole network to the internet. I intend to use the linux box as my main game machine for when I can get PC games to work on it and as the firewall for the whole network.
The second PC is for games that I can't get to work on the linux machine and the laptop is for my wife.

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win98 Laptop
You could set up a proxy server on your linux machine, in order to be able to use the internet on your other computers.

I don't see why you wouldn't want a router though.

A router would act as a firewall for you, with only the ports that you specify being able to go to certain computers.

It would all around be easier for you. smile.gif
If you want to use the Linux PC with 2 NICs as your Router, all you need to do is install IP-Masquerade. Here is a link to the howto .... the section you want to do is 6.4.1. Stronger IP Firewall (IPTABLES) rulesets. If you use IPCHAINS instead of IPTABLES, use the next section (6.4.2 instead).

The $50 Cable/DSL Router will also be a firewall ... and the web based setup is easier than configuring an IPTABLES based linux firewall .... you will also need to setup a caching DNS server and a DHCP server to have the same functionality as the cable/dsl router.
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