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Dear Reader,

I like to know what can I do in the present situation?
I have a HD of 120 Gb.
I have on it the next partition but has a problem to install
Linux (tried SuSE and Red Hat) because he ask for swap partition also
for the memory managing. I do not want lose any of the present data.
C I have Win98 on 10 Gb.
D I have WinXP 10Gb
E Partition for installation program 10Gb
F Partition for data 10 Gb
G Partition for Linux 12Gb
H Partition for bigger data and reserve

Thanks in advance

I don't understand what your asking. You need to clarify what you want to do and what you are trying to do.

Do you have data on the linux partition you want to save? Or is it just space set aside for your linux install.

You are going to have to have a swap partition, I can't think of a linux distro that doesn't use a swap partition.

Come back and be more specific.
Hello Lest0039,
Thanks for your amswer.
I have a Win98 and an XP Windoes system with a lot of data on different partition.
I had difficulty to add Linux on the HD that prepared earlier to Linux.
I did not wanted lose these datas on other partitions. .
But I solved the problem to add a smaller (slave) HD and that solved the problem.
I think two HD for the different OS it is a good solution.
I installed Red Had 9. Problem with the screen card and ADSL modem but will try
SuSE too.
Thanks again,
Problems with specific pieces of hardware are often not related to the distro, but rather to not having the right modules installed. Those modules (or drivers) can be installed for any system and will make the cards work correctly. Odds are, different distros are just going to run into the same problems.
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