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Hi, everyone,
I've read about dual boot machines running off different partitions. I have an extra hard drive from an old system, so I was wondering if I could just install Linux on the other hard drive and just tell the BIOS to boot one (Windows) or the other (Linux) drives. It seems to me that each OS would be relatively blind to the other (and that's OK for me now), so I would have less potential to harm my Windows setup.

I really need my Windows to work and am a little afraid I could screw something up with partitioning, etc. I also don't have a lot of extra space on the main Windows hard drive. Can I do this safely without affecting Windows?

E. Bain
O ya, linux on a seperat drive is one of the best ways to do it. And you don't even need to mess with the bios at all. What you will do is install whats called a bootloader to the Master Boot Record of the primary hard drive (your windows drive) when you boot your computer it will alow you to choose windows or your linux system. Its wonderful.

All you will need to do is plug in the hard drive and go ahead and install you distro to it. If you put it on the slave slot of your primary IDE (thats where you should put it) it will be called hdb than you can delete the partitions that are on it, and set up the partitions you need for linux.

As for your systems seeing eachother, you don't have to really worry about it. Windows wont bother to see linux unless you install special stuff. And linux will be able to read your windows drive, if you want, with out any real worry of screwing it up. Your safe.

Hope that was helpful, have fun.
Thanks, lest,
Where do I get the bootloader? Do I get I get a Windows-based one and install it, or do I install it on the original drive but from my Linux installation?
Much thanks,
Linux has to have it, even if windows isn't there, so its included in your linux instillation and just make sure you install it to the MBR of hda
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