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Full Version: Red Hat 7.2
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I am installing redhat 7.2 on a brand new computer, it is the only operating system. First off I am totally unfamiliar with the linux os.
Next I have installed the linux os 3 times now. It works initially then on a reboot I cannot get it going again.
I get "kernel panic aieee" I have to power cycle to recover, and it may take 3 or 4 reboots to get back to the desktop.
When I do get to the desk top, the system will hang and require another power cycle.
I was putting Linux on this computer so I could learn about it, but I can't even get by the successful install/operation of the OS.
I know the OS is picky or specific on what it likes, so, what should I look for to resolve these issues?
mmmm......i'm also new in linux os how about you try to clean back all the partition or most people call it clean instllation......
i) put in the RH 7.3 cd......let it boot by cdrom.....
ii) then in the boot section.....type "linux rescue".....bla bla .....choose the language and the state (i
iii) the after that press "p" to see the partition......and delete it all....or press "d" to delete
it.....usually thereis 5 partition on standard RH.....
iv) then type "p" again to make sure all the partition are all being deleted.......
v) then press "w" to calculate it......
vi) then press "ctrl-d".......after that you reinstall the RH again.........good luck .......i hoping you'll make it ...bye
This is what linux is all about, people helping people.

It's weird that you are getting a kernel panic immediatly after a fresh installation. Either something went really screwy in the installation, or you may have a defective installation medium (ie. cd). Try doing what chinozie suggested, and if problem persists, let us know.
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