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Full Version: Modem Problems
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I am running Redhat 9 and am having problems loggin on to my ISP. My modem rings the correct number, tries to log on, but cannot. It seems to be having problems verifying my id and password. I can connect to the same ISP using the same id, password, and phone line with my MS machine, which sits right next to my Linux machine. However, the service is very slow and occasionally does not work. I am thinking that I have tons of noise on my line and that my ISP is having a problem verifying my password before it times out. Does this sound like a possibility? Not sure why this would be the case using Linux and an external modem as opposed to using MS and an internal modem. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. I am going insane.

hi, this is good news that your modem actually dials out and connects to the ISP;

when setting up your dialer (is it KPPP by any chance?) you have to use username and password that your ISP assigned to you; you DO NOT use the username and password that you created when you signed up for the service;

where to find this ISP-given password and user name? well, it is buried somewhere in your Windows dialer properties and it's location varies by the ISP so i cannot give you any specific advice, maybe try calling your ISP? you should ask them about your network user name and network password (at least that is what AT&T Worldnet calls them)

but once again, in your Linux dialer use the username and passwrod given to you by the ISP; the username and password that you created when signing up for service is good only for e-mail (you shoud use when configuring your e-mail client) but not for actually connecting to the ISP servers;

hope it helps, good luck

Grzegorz L.
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