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Full Version: Trying To Give Back To The Community.
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So Linux is great and I love the spirit of community (see the posts in the "Why I use Linux" thread). But I do not want to only take, it is my turn to give back.

I checked Fedora's website, specifically the section about different projects within the distribution and there has not seem to be much progress in translating the documentation into Polish. So I sent an e-mail offering my services to one of the maintainers but did not get any answer. I know, they are probably very busy so no hard feelings on my part for no-reply. Does anyone know how to join that project??? Can anyone contribute to it or is it a privilege reserved only for Certified Linux Gods? I really want to do something for Linux and this seem to be a great opportunity for me as I am not a programmer.

Maybe someone from Fedora project is reading this great forum???

Thanks for any help.

Grzegorz L.
As far as I know the Fedora Project is very open. Right now they are focusing most on just having the general public help with testing and bug reporting. However, they are moving twords more and more open code submission.

I would think that they would be willing to take anybody who is bi-lingual and could translate stuff, since that is a very unique skill. Obviously I can't seek for the Fedora project, but I just wanted to respond to compliment you on your choice to give back.
thanks for a compliment; i will keep banging on Fedora's door and maybe someone will open; right now I am sniffing around their website to find any clue or another contact address; if Fedora will not answer, i will try to get in touch with authors of applications i use most and offer them translation;

there was a pretty good article in Linux Format about different ways to contribute and it inspired me to do something; turns out you do not have to a high-grade programmer, there are many different ways to help out in development; you just have to be willing to put some effort;

Grzegorz L.
just wanted to let you know that the Fedora people replied with detailed instructions about joining the documentation translation project :-) :-) :-)

they were busy with Core 2 release, that is why it took them a while to respond;

this is going to be exciting

wish me luck
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