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Full Version: Mounting A New Drive
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I have a system with a 40 gb hd which is primary (boot) drive and a 8 gb hd that i want to use as a backup drive for my clients on muy ms network ...i need to know how to automaticly mount the hd on startup and also how to setup the dirve for share to the ms network.
I don't know how much you know about linux file trees but the biggest difference is that there is only one top. So in order to add another drive, you need to find somewhere the tree to mount the drive.

The most common place is in the /mnt folder, however, for more specific uses, you can mount it elseware. Like you could choose to mount the drive to /var to store your server data. Than when you changed to the var directory, you would be loading the data right off that drive. But that for you to deciede.

To mount the drive you need to do a few things. First you need to format it. You can use the command fdisk hdb to format the drive after its been plugged in. Than you can add a line to your /ect/fstab file to mount the drive automatically at boot up. The line should look something like this....

/dev/hdb1 /directory ext3 defaults 1 2

Just make sure you know where you want to mount it and make that folder.

From there sharing it out is just like sharing out any other folder.
is there a detailed site that discribes on how to mount new drives?
i know the drive is there and it is hdb but i am just having trouble mounting it
what distro are you running? Most of the major distros have an auto configuration tool for mounting drives. I know RedHat, and Mandrake do. I would also need to know because some times systems have slightly different syntax for drive mounting.
I am useing red hat fedora core 1

my main objective is to get the drive formated mounted and shared in samba

this is a 8gb empty drive on the system slave drive on primary channel (hdb1) unsure.gif
Assuming your slave is hdb:

Use "cfdisk /dev/hdb" (or fdisk if you don't have cfdisk)

Remove all partitions, and create a "Linux" type partition.

Write, and Quit.

mkfs.ext3 -b 4096 /dev/hdb1 (This should create an ext3 partition on your slave drive)

If that doesn't work, use: mke2fs -j /dev/hdb1

After you "mount /dev/hdb1 /mnt/hdb1" (or whatever the HD you want to mount is), you can edit your smb.conf file, and make a secition for that HD.

Something like this:

comment = That 8 gig HDD
path = /mnt/hdb1
read only = no
public = yes
thanks...IT WORKED!!!, GJ biggrin.gif
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