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Full Version: You Can Dish It Out But You Cant Take It
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OK mr moderator:
i will admit that i am a little more frustrated than your average transitionary
user. when i first posted i was really disapointed.
and my second post was quite mundane.
The next post i thought was funny but if that offended you then obviously you have no spine. so i put forth my opinion. so what? you dont like it? then dont have a forum that has "help" as a part of the url.

frustrated was i yes. insulting was i not. until bensode was first insulting.
but since you did not mention that then you must be buddies...
its ok for bensode to insult people that use windows and its ok for him to say ignorant things but its not ok for me to respond in my own defense.

so go ahead and take this post down. i know you will. people like you are all alike. you spineless wimp.
dude shut up....
we all started with the same feeling about linux
and we didnt take it out on people who are
trying to help you.....just get a grip....

you must be one of those people
that want things handed to you
on a silver plater
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