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Full Version: Is This Normal Behavior? (re: Memory)
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I have setup a small network all running RH 9.0. I keep a memory monitor on my panel and it is almost always pegged to the top. This was true when there was 256MB of RAM and the same behavior occured after doubling the RAM to 512MB. (All the computers exhibit this behavior.) It does not seem like the system is slowed down at all and there are never any errors with resepct to not enough memory. Also, when I run the detailed system monitor, the memory listed for each process does not add up to nearly the amount of RAM installed. Also, upon a reboot, the memory monitor starts out low but creeps up to it's usual place of around 97% supposedly in use.
Is this sort of behavior normal?

that is normal, linux keeps everything it can in memory, the only problem is when you see that a lot of page file is used...when that happens add more ram.

I have myself a Squid/Nat/DNS server with 1030592k and from that 1019204k is used and only 11500k is free, and my swap is 1036152 and 1124k used, and 1035028k free, the computer is very-very fast, it is serving cache and dns to 65 computers.

So if your computer is running fast, and without using to much swap space, than it's ok .

Robert B
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thanks for the quick response, i had the impression things were most likely okay especially since it was doing this right after the rh install on the newest computer, but i just wanted to make sure.
thanks again!
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