I am configuring Tomcat 5 to run through Apache 2. In the book, Pro Apache (ed. 3), I am given directions for configuring md_jk2 so that I could use it to connect between Tomcat & Apache.

The book has me make a build.properties file in the md_jk2 / jk directory [ /usr/local/src/jakarta-tomcat-connectors-jk2-2.0.4-src/jk ] In that directory, and in the book, I have several variables to set.

Here is a quote from my current file set up:
tomcat5.home= ../../jakarta-tomcat-5.0.19
#used to be ../../jakarta-tomcat5/build

# Directory where catalina is installed. It can
# be either 4.0 or 4.1
#still dunno if this should be free--why does this refer to $CATALINA_HOME, and
the above:

As the comment states, I don't know if I should set the tomcat40.home to the path for my $CATALINA_HOME . According to the instructions in the build.xml file, and the instructions in the book, I need to set both tomcat5.home, and tomcat40.home, with tomcat40.home being be set to the "Directory where catalina is installed"

I looked in my $CATALINA_HOME directory, and found no library named "catalina", so assume that if I am supposed to set tomcat40.home ( and I am, right??) that I should set it to the $CATALINA_HOME path. However, I do not have Tomcat 4.x running on this server, so it seems awkward to refer to set it.

Also, I noticed that in the directory paths for all of the tomcatx.home variables. that the address has a reference to a build directory ( tomcatx.home = ../../jakarta-tomcat-x.x/build ) . My tomcat 5 directory doesn't have a build directory, so am i supposed to substitue a different library here, or simple point to my tomcat directory like this: ../../jakarta-tomcat-5.0.19

Thanks for any help.