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Full Version: Accursed Harddrive
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My new 4gig HDD is acting up.

If I leave SSH (Putty, acually) up for a long time (an hour or so) I get a "software connection abort" error message, and the server stops responding. I go into the other room where my server is, and turn on my monitor... and (forgive me, I'll recreate the error to get the exact message) it covers the screen with some kind of harddrive error. O_o Something about sectors.

I assume that there are some bad sectors on this HDD (wouldn't surprise me, POS has been behind my dressor for about 2 years now, before I found it)



Is there a way to scan and isolate these bad sectors (if this is the problem, of course), to stop this from happening again? This doesn't have to be a permament fix (I'm looking around for some cheap HDDs atm), but hopefully it'll keep me up for a week or so. smile.gif
Hi ,

PM me your e-mail adress and I'll send you a software that will fix it , I've tried it on 3 hard drives and it fixed them. (If the problem is magnetic(?) or how is that called in english)

Robert B
I usually find that this is the first sign of bad things to come ....

Assuming that you are using the correct IDE driver.

I have had several hard drives I got from Magnetic Data Technologies fail in this manner.

(BTW, Magnetic Data Technologies rebuilds hard drives from other Manufacturers and resales them ... they are very cheaply priced ... BUT you could give me one and have me put anything important on it. I bought twenty 60 GB hard drives from them as replacemant drives for the network I run, set them on the shelf for a couple months and starting deploying them as drives failed in the field. At least 50% of my MDT drives fail within the first 6 months of I will never buy their products again).
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