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Full Version: Apache Configuration File
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In book Apache Pro, I am told tat I can change the httpd.conf file, listing the ServerName as :

I do not own such a domain name, but I have Listen settings set to 80 and 443 ( I was told to use 80, and but when I used those I wasn't able to connect to server at all. )

I changed my document root to /home/www/alpha-complex, in accord with the instructions, and put an index.html file in there.

The html file works if I go to http:localhost , or in my browser. But doesn't work if I use

I am using Apache 1.3.29

Can anyone tell me why I am not getting the page when I use ? And what I need to do to be able to get that to display.

Much appreciated.

Mike P
The Domain Name System (DNS) is how computers are named on the internet. Prior to setting up any services that you want to address by name, you have to obtain that name and have the Internet's DNS know about the name.

That is done by finding a domain name that you want, that isn't already owned by someone else, then obtaining the name via an official registar. (Like,, etc.)

When you obtain the domain name, you will be asked the Name of a registered Primary DNS Server that will be controlling the hosts in your new domain name.

If you have a permanent IP address, you can register a DNS server Primary DNS server yourself and make it your Primary DNS server ... most people use already registered DNS servers.

Reguardless, the name you use in the server line in the httpd.conf is only telling the server what the domain name is ... you have to do all the things external to the apache server in DNS to make other computers point to that name. If you are running a test server, the name you should use in the httpd.conf file is the actaul name you gave the computer. You can find this name with the command uname -n.
Thank you for the hosting review, I am pretty down with that as far as registering is concerned. Will need to determine how to port to my server, to get beyond being blocked by my ISP at some point.

When I use: uname -n , I get localhost.localdomain for a reply. Typing that in my browser brings me to the index.html file which is in my DocumentRoot directory.

Do you know hos I change my the name of the network, for instance, making it ?

you can find that file in /etc/sysconfig

vi network

press i then change that localhost.localdomain to , then
press ESC, then type :w then press ENTER , then type :q and then
press ENTER.

Now type :

once the system is up and running again type:
hostname -n

again, and you should see

Robert B
Cool --

Thanks Rob.

I will look to do that after I get back to my computer after the weekend.

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