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Full Version: Need Server Help
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I'm a Win2k systems administrator that is branching out. I have embraced the MAC and now I would like to learn Linux Server. I have downloaded Red Hat 9 and burned the CDs. Last night I installed it on a PC. 1800Mhz P4, 500MB ram and an 8 GB Hard drive. I chose the server instelation and everything went flawlessly. I created an account for myself and after the reboot I logged on. My question is Where's the GUI interface? All I have to work with is a terminal window. What do I do now. Bear in mind that I'm a complete newbe to Linux. Can anyone point me to a good article or book that can get me on the right path.

Thank You

maybe you didn't install any X window manager (gnome or kde) ?

you can check by typing : startx in the console

if it works then I think you will want to make that the default

just :
1) cd /etc
2) vi inittab
and press i to go into insert mode (to change stuff)
and search for the line inittlevel (?) id: 3 (sorry writing from WinXP, but you can't miss it) and change that 3 to 5
then press ESC , then enter :w and then ENTER , then enter :q then ENTER
and now type
and it should boot into the x window manager

Robert B
Note: I moved this from Tips & Tricks to Technical Support.

The Tips & Tricks section is for posting how to do things ... all questions should be asked in another forum.

Welcome to Linux smile.gif
Thank you Robert

I am going to reinstall the whole thing. Thank goodness it doesn't take very long. When I do the install which X window manager is the most intuative for a new person like me to use?

The default for redhat is GNOME .... and it is what I personally like.

Others here like KDE best.

If you have lots of space on your hard drive, install both and you can use both and choose.
Thank you very much. It works perfectly. I do run into a problem with registering with the red hat network but after some digging I found out that there is a problem with the certificate that comes with RH 9 and you have to download and install a new one. I hope to get this thing up and running by the weekend.

Thanks again

you can forget about RH9 up2date , since RH9 is no longer supported... go here

and download this :

to /home


cd /home
rpm -Uvh apt-0.5.5cnc6-fr1.i386.rpm
apt-get update
apt-get dist-upgrade

this will update your system to the latest

you can install aditional software by typing
apt-get install [aplication name here]

Robert B
Thank you, however I'm going to have to ask you to be more spacific. Please tell me where to download the file. Then please let me know where to type the code that you supplied. (remember I am a complete newcomer to Linux) I'm used to doing everything in a gui invironment.

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