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Full Version: Mandrake 9.0
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hello, im a newbie here and i would like to ask for help + advises regarding mandrake 9.0

1.ok, the problem is... after i successfully installed mandrake 9.0, it prompt me to input username and password. BUT during the installation process, i didnt create a user account but i remembered that at a point during the installation process, the menu ask me a password ( and i already put in my password ). May i know how can i login without a user account ? there is no icons at the users account. plz some one help me !!

2. Is there anyone that could give me some advises about mandrake 9.0 ? before this i use winxp i feel like to try other OS.

Hello i dont know if this will answer ur question in full but, to create a user log in as root whos password is the one u entered durring the install prosess. Once u get in to the desktop bring up a shell and as a command type in [ adduser "username" ] then u should be asked for a password. If that does not work, try using a cntrl+alt+F1 and that might bring up a command promt for u to enter the password command. I use debian so i think it should work fine for you.

As Willard pointed out, login as username "root" which is basically the system administrator. Once inside KDE or GNOME, run the Mandrake Control Centre, it should poking around there somewhere. The the Mandrake Control Centre, there should be a sub-section for creating users. You can add users, groups, and even associate little cute pictures along with them. I actually have a small picture of myself for login .
thanks. now my mandrake is working great!
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