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Full Version: Noob Needs Help Switching From Windows
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Hey guys,
I have never fooled with Linux full time.I have dabbled a little and enjoy everything about linux.My problem my windows crashed again (big surprise eh? wink.gif lol ) and I have been waiting for an excuse to change over to unix.So I thought about erasing my hard drive © for windows (whats left little has not been struck by this demonic virus) and installing Linux.My question is , when I format drive c and erase it I wanna be sure that (when I have not much of anything left on my pc at all) that there won't be anything that will affect the Linux OS.Thanks for the time you have taken to at least read this and possibly assist this Linux beginer.

First off, you don't have to completely get rid of windows right out of the gate. I can be nice to have something safe and comfortable around wile your learning and to help trouble shoot problems. Ask any of the guys around here and most will tell yo they still have a windows computer some where around.

Second, as for formating, you probably don't even have to do anything. All of the linux install processes will have a step for re-paritioning the drive, and when you do that, everything we get erased.

What I would recomend is splitting the stysem. Give some of your HD to linux and some to Windows. Now it sounds like your windows its typical self, so you might be ok with just doing a fresh install. In this case, I recomend re-intalling windows, and when you do, create a new partition for it thats about half your HD. Let Windows install and than after thats done, go over and use the rest of your space to set up linux. Than later, if you find your ready to ditch windows compleatly, you can just format the drive and use that space for linux storage.

One tip for a newbie if your going to do a dual boot system. Sometimes having a small (like a gig or so) FAT32 partition on your drive somewhere is really handy. Linux can't stabily write to NTFS yet and Windows doesn't read Ext2 at all, so FAT32 is sort of the middle groud for both OSs. Just a tip.

Come back if you have any more questions, we love getting new users set up.
Thanks alot.You have helped me very much.I appreciat it.

Gratefully yours,
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