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Full Version: Why Do You Use Linux?
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There was thread like this a wile back, but I want to re-open it. I got in a debate last night with a friend of mine over why people should use linux, so I want to ask you guys why you use it.

I use linux for a plethora of reasons, first, I'll admit part of me just likes being different, but there are lots of practical reasons why I use linux. Linux allows me to ssh into our school network and run all the programs I need in a graphical environment easy. Linux is a heck of a lot more stable than windows, and safer, seems like every week there is a new worm scare.

Plus I believe that Microsoft puts out products below what they could do because they don't have to do better. Microsoft is one of the largest corporations in the world, if they wanted to they could put out an OS that would blow everything out of the water, you can't deney that. They could put up the pay checks to get the best programmers in the world. But they don't, why? Because they don't have to because there aren't alternatives. Thats why I use Mac and Linux, for one, they are better in a lot of ways, but two, the more people who use other systems the more competition there will be on every side, and thats what creates good programs.

Linux developers have to work very hard to even try to get people away from windows, and look at what its created, a beautiful OS with tons and tons of great programs. Competition is what makes the software world (a little not to no-e-patents) and thats why there needs to be alternatives to Microsoft products.
I use Linux because I feel the need to experiment with new-evolving technologies. I may not understand it, but I plan on learning as much as possible.

I use Linux now because I am so tired of hackers and malicious scripts on the internet. It is impossible to sit there and enjoy the internet without being invaded by garbage. Linux has helped me stay clean of viruses, and malicious scripts. I use Linux for my webserver, and O/S for the shear cost implications that M$ would hammer me with.

My wife uses Linux becasue she has no other choice! biggrin.gif errr... dont tell her that!

Just my 2 cents on the topic.

I switched to Linux out of curiosity, having heard that the recent ditstributions are more stable, user-friendly and suitable for most applications that an average user might want to use. The switch was not without the pain and suffering of hardware not being recognized by Linux, boot-sector on the HDD being hosed by Lilo/Grub (I was attempting to get dual-boot with XP) but thanks to the help from you guys all problems have been overcome and now I happily run Fedora for my daily e-mail and Web browsing. Also, my aging audio tapes got nicely converted to .WAV and burnt to CDs, so I can enjoy them for many years to come. All these task were done with software that was fast, stable and fairly easy to learn. Sure, Pearl GUIs on top of command-line programs look a bit clunky and bland but they work just fine and cost nothing to boot.

As far as security is concerned, when I bought my Compaq PC six months ago it arrived already infected with MSBLASTER!!!! Need I say more?

Sure, I boot to XP once in a while (well, its cost is included in the PC's price after all) but only for games (rise of nations, homeworld2, black&white) but I never use internet or e-mail in Windows, so no need to waste time for security patches and updates.

Another reason for using Linux is the same as reason for using AMD instead of Intel. With AMD and Linux nobody can call my PC a "Wintel box" and that is a good feeling.

Thanks for reading this.

Grzegorz L.
I use linux as a database server at work because it is free and has all the things I need built in to properly manage my UNIX database server (It has X, so I can run graphical items like an Oracle install, from my workstation for the server). It also doesn't get infected by all the silly windows virii.

I use Linux at work in front of our E-mail server so it can filter all SPAM and Virii from the e-mail before it gets to my MS Exchage server for free instead of paying several thousand dollars per year to add the same services to my exchange servers.

I use it at work as a database server at a greatly reduced cost (hardware cost only) to test database changes before updating the production databases on UNIX. The data exports from HPUX can be easily imported into linux for testing.

I use it as a mail server at home to filter SPAM and Virii from my mail for free ... and as a free Web server / FTP server / SSH server and firewall.

I use it as a workstation at home to digitally record anything I want to watch on TV ... to read my e-mail ... and to browse the web without fear of getting any virii or worms.
i run linux cause you get stuck in that
certain population that people think
you are cool and know a crap load about

ya there are other reasons but why repeat
them when they have already been said...

i wanna be a linux sysadmin....why linux
cause windows sysadmins i think are boring...

windows sysadmin says to linux admin
patch this ....patch that....damn not another worm...argh

linux sysadmin to windows sysadmin
the last time i had an virus/worm was ........oh ya in charge of the linux servers..
Why I Use Linux:

- Free as in freedom, free as in beer
- Better support, it's amazing that not paying for support gives you better results
- The geek factor
- Only need to reboot for a kernel upgrade, and nothing else
- Better support for troubled hardware (example, if the bios doesn't pick up something, windows won't see it, but linux will because it only uses the bios for the time and that's it)
- KDE is a snazzy interface
- Able to see the source code for almost every piece of software on the system, great for new programmers
- Remote access for almost everything that is fast and secure
- Command line that is not stupid, i like using my keyboard
- Choice.
- Safe from viruses, worms, trojans, spyware, etc.

Why I Use Windows:

- Games (plain and simple, NHL2004, etc.)
- Winmodems
- Faster interface (quicker opening up My Computer then opening up Konqueror, but there are tradeoffs for tthis)
- More integrated UI, linux ism oving towards this more and more
- Better driver support straight from the manufacturers.
- A lot of free software is still available for windows: FireFox, Gaim, X-Chat, Thunderbird, etc.

There is honestly my reasons on both sides, I may have missed a few things, but that is generally. I know that it's stpuid to list windows as having a faster interface, but, from the end user, clicking My Computer or IE, it opens up quickly. and as an end user, that's what I want.
Its a fair argument though. Thats probably the only thing I really miss from windows, file management. I am not very goot at doing it long hand (command line) and konqueror has its issues. But I tend to do ok, I just need to work on my commands and learn my chmod numbers, thats where I keep getting screwed up.
Well my reasons for using linux are :

1.It might be really hard to configure (sometimes , like Squid at first), but after you configure it , it will never every need aditional corrections (because something went wrong), unless I want to adjust the system to be faster or to do something extra. (Windows is easy to configure , but it also easy to make it die, linux is harder to configure , but once your done, it will work)
2. It's free.
3. It's fast , I don't need to wory about viruses , altough I really-really fear those script kiddies (but I havent met any yet...and I hope I will never-ever meat one, doing some nasty stuff on one of my servers smile.gif )
4. There are soooooooo many opensource programs for it that it's hard to count them, and they do some really interesting stuff (like that bandwith measuring software , which would probably cost us a lot of money if we would use some commercial stuff).

And for the MS Windows part, well to tell you the truth I don't hate it (sometimes I do but that is rare), I mean it's perfect for games, and everyday use, its a lot easier to do stuff in windows, watch movies, listen to online music, you only need to click here and click there and it works (usualy smile.gif ).

That's it.

Robert B
Originally I used it because I wanted to host a game server which didn't have a windows version.

Then I used it because I couldn't find a good copy of Windows 2000, and WindowsXP wouldn't run on my machine (only computer at the time).

Eventually, I used it because of all the help here.

The main reason I enjoy using linux would have to be the throw away factor. Every few months or so, I'll feel the need to format and install something new. Linux is great for this because it gives me something to do, a reason to learn something new, and a reason to bother yall... especially hughesjr. wink.gif
a reason to bother yall... especially hughesjr

@Termina ... BUT, I have tricked you ...

Now you are answering questions, and usually giving good advise ... so my overall workload is going down biggrin.gif
Ya Hughes, you have sort of luffed off on the forum. You used to be the big dog by a long shot, now your like the quite elder that only comes out for the really tough questions. Just giving you flack. Its ok, you still have the respect of everyone and we still know who is boss around here. But you better be careful or your post per day might drop below 5, its already dropped below ten. I don't think you haev to worry about any of us catching your total post count for a wile though, you got that one in the bag pretty well.

We all enjoy bothering you, and your still the guy I always look for when I have a question, though other people are filling your shoes nicely too.
in general, everybody here is very helpful and friendly and you can tell that they try their best to solve a problem;

it is a great feeling to know that there are some strangers far away willing to answer my dumb questions without a hint of impatience or being condesending; hughesjr, Robert83, duende I am grateful most to, I like Termina's ironically philosophical (or philosophically ironic) take on Things (sorry if somebody got forgoten); you are the reason I am staying with Linux for most of my "computing" needs, that I did not run crying back to using Windows; thank you all;

Grzegorz L.

just a grateful Pole
Thats why you don't go naming people in lists, because than someone gets left cryin at thier keyboard, and we know how water and keyboards mix.

The forums is great, thats all I have to say, I started with my linux non-sense early in the school year and I have been to this and a couple other of the big linux forums (I'll admit I go over they to look up answers every now and than), but this is by far the niecest forum.

Go onto some of the other forums and ask a newbie question and you get the "Use the search button newb" crap back. Thats why I love this forum, we don't mind answering the same questions over and over again.

Everyone here rocks, I love seeing the forum newbies helping eachother to, thats great. You guys all make my day, thats why I stick around.
QUOTE (lesio1974 @ May 14 2004, 01:18 AM)
it is a great feeling to know that there are some strangers far away willing to answer my dumb questions without a hint of impatience or being condesending; hughesjr, Robert83, duende I am grateful most to,

ahhhh, shucks, you made me blush smile.gif

Well, unlike most technical support forums out there, rather then bitch at new users for repeating the same questions over and over, we try to make it easier for them to find the answers to those questions before they even have a chance to ask them. We were all new users at one time, I remember back when I was first starting, Joey and his gang were always there to help me, and that is why i've stuck with this site for so long, to give back to the community somehow.

We were never about the "newb bashing" and never will be.
Thats a fabulous plan and something I always try to stick by. All I need to do is go back and read my first post and I remember that we were all newbs at one point in time. Heck, I broke almost all my little pet-peves in my first post. I can't get mad at people for things I did to.

Besides, the only way linux is going to really take off is if new people can learn it all the time. I think one of the greatest gifts I can give someone is linux and a love of it, so being nice to new linux users is one of the things that makes me so happy. I love helping new users because I hate seeing them turn away because they couldn't get thier NIC or video card up or something dumb like that.
ohmy.gif ohmy.gif ohmy.gif
hmm...which question i should anwser first...why do i love ( mad.gif use) Linux or why i love this forum??

-> I love linux because it is a heaven for programmers..( no prizes for guessing what is hell biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif )

-> I love linux because it is damn can change virtually everything infront of you.

-> And above all...i love Linux because it is free as in freedom.

Now for the second question :-

-> third one of previous list. biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif

-> tongue.gif tongue.gif( No blushing plzzzz) Guys around here are really friendly.
Unlinke other forums ,Thankfully we are not haunted by the IRON
MAIDEN of moderators...
I am trying out Linux now because I feel uneasy using stuff that I don't know how it works (you are lost when it breaks!!). On the one hand I have no clue what I'm doing, because I'm now just a Linux n00b but also generally a computer n00b, (and I have to say I like this site because it's ok if you don't know where the any key is) but on the other hand, I've got nothing to break. (The laptop by dropping it in surprise??) Linux seems so... see-thu. I can learn it the way I can't learn Windows. Plus, as some people here have said, it somehow makes you seem cool just because you've got a penguin on your screensaver :P
Plus I haven't seen a free Windowsgeekshelpeveryone site. I only use Windows now here at work (because it's the only way I can get online :)
Plus because there are now so many linux books and sites, I can try to entice my coworkers friends and rellies to look at linux. A few may convert!

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