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Full Version: Question On Ident
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Hey all. First off i'm new to linux and am finding my way around the system. Here's my problem

I'm trying to get ident working on my machine. I'm running Red Hat 9 on a P4 dual booted with Xp Pro. Also i'm using X-Chat which installed with Red Hat 9. I followed the guide located here: and ran into some problems.

I downloaded the .rpm for the pidentd file, installed it and thats where i stopped. The command PICO doesn't work on my system and secodnly there is no inetd.conf file in the /etc directory? Seeing as i'm new to this i'm lost. Appreciate any help. I'll keep looking at it but hopefully someone here knows what to do. Thanks.

Pico is an editor, and may not be installed on your system. Almost all distros have an editor installed, like emacs and vi. Have a look around and see if you can find one of those.

You may have xinetd installed. Have a look to see if you have a xinetd.conf file in /etc.

Hope this gets you going.
If you new to linux, I would highely recomend emacs since it actually tells you what the commands are on screen. VI is a really powerful editor, but you have to know what your doing first. Try replacing pico with emacs when ever you need to edit a file
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