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Full Version: Java Desktop System
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What do you think of the Java Desktop System?

Walmart has them in stock, ranging from $200 - 400...

I am too lazy and don't have the time to go out and assemble a dedicated server, so I am thinking about just buying the Java Desktop System.....

For information on the Java Desktop System (its an altered version of Suse running GNOME):

Check this out at Walmart:

Tell me waht you think!

Well neither of your links work so its a little hard to look at what your asking. I am not exactly sure what your talking about with a java desktop system. Sun makes Solaris system's that run on Blade machines, but I don't think that those are what your looking at since they are a lot more then 400 bucks.

My gut reaction is that anything that costs between 200-400 retail isn't going to make a very good server. Depending on how much traffic your handling your going to want your server to be a peek system. Manny servers today are running off the latest Xeon, Athlon, and G5 processors with more than a gig or RAM to handle requests in a speeding and stable manner. If this system is for anything serious I think you want to take the system seriously. Your going to want a well build stable system running a strong OS that you can trust to be up.

If you are looking at Solaris machines thats not really linux, thats a Unix based OS that Sun developed, I have never used one as a server, but I imagine a good Sun system could do a pretty good job. As for me, my server is an AMD 3000+ Athlon XP processor, with a full gig of RAM and 120 GBs of hard-drive space, and its hosting a low traffic network.

Maybe its just simple prejudiced, but I wouldn't trust anything from Walmart to be my server.
Try this link:
I wouldn't use the SUN JDS included with the Desktop system from Wal-Mart as my server .... but the hardware it is on (AMD duron 1.6, 40gb drive, ethernet, 128mb RAM {i would upgrade to 256mb}, cdrom, video, audio) is pretty good for $248 or $298 (with JDS).

I personally don't like Sun and it's flip-flop stance on Linux and Open Source Software in general, so I wouldn't purposely run any Sun product with Linux. That is a personal opinion ... I have never tested their JDS system, it might be very good.

As far as not buying from Wal-Mart ... I would just look at the PC specs, because I would just be buying it as hardware.

Personally, I would probably buy from here:

(Barebones PCs, no OS)
Hughes & others,

Tell me what you think of this:
The server that is running on is:

An Intel Pentium III Coppermine processor running at 1GHZ
384 Megabytes of PC133MHZ SDRAM
20GB 7200 RPM ATA100 EIDE Hard Drive

So, while a P4 Xeon processor would be good ... serves more than 1 million requests per month on a pIII 1GHZ machine.

I would rather have a pentium 4 chip as well, but a 1.6ghz Duron w/256mb RAM would work.
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