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Full Version: Apache Slow When Not Viewed At Localhost
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Hi all,

I've setup an Apache server to run my company's homepage at the office from behind a firewall, with the eventual idea that the outside world will be able to see it as well.

Server Hardware:
RH 9.0
Athlon-Duron 1100
512M RAM

When accessing the pages from the server (through Mozilla), the response is great. When trying to access pages from other desktops in the office, the pages take 10 seconds to load. This just doesn't seem right. The other services that I've got installed are pretty slow too.

On the surface, it looks like it's a network issue. I'm not sure that I've got everything setup correctly. I'm looking for a mentor to help me sort out what I'm seeing while investigating.

I have the following services running on the server:

Network settings from the Gnome/network setup window:
IP (static)
HW nick eth0
Subnet mask
DNS; Hostname: Archie
Pri. DNS (copied from firewall/router/DSL box)
Sec. DNS (copied)
DNS search path (blank)
Hosts: archie

Do I need to add "localhost" and "localhost.localdomain" to the alias's for this machine?

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Dan D
you need a line like this: localhost localhost.localdomain

at the top of the /etc/hosts file.

If you have a local DNS that is inside your domain, use that for name lookups (maybe your router assigns itself as a DNS server to dhcp clients). If you have to do offsite name lookups, your response time will be slower.
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