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Full Version: Instal Linux Hd In Windows Machine
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I am very new to linux- intalled Red Hat Fedora Core 1 on an older gateway machine. I installed linux on a separate HD and and dual booting with windows XP on the other HD.

Now, plans have changed and would like to put the linux HD in another computer that also has a windows XP hard drive.

I believe I can do this, but don't know how to get the machine I am installing the linux HD into, to dual boot - after I install the HD it won't know to dual boot- how do I load Grub and get it to dual boot?

Plus, how do I get the "old" machine, that the linux HD was originally installed on, to not use Grub anymore?

Thank you,

First off, your not going to be able to just "fast swap" the two drives. Your going to run into problems. I am not entierly familiar with Fedora but I would be almost certain that there would be an install option to do it in such a way that your home directory is preserved.

Second, take your linux install disk and put it in the old computer, type rescue at the boot promt. There should be an option somewhere to restore windows boot loader That will alow you to get rid of grub.

Some of the other guys might know better than I, but I am pretty certian you can't just fast swap a linux drive.
Mandrake has a repair windows boot loader ... I don't think FedoraCore does, so ....

You will need to use fixmbr on the first XP computer...

Boot from your Windows XP CD, and enter the recovery console per these instructions

and then use the command fixmbr
On the second computer, you will need to redo the boot loader.

The easiest way is to boot from the fedora core cd-1, at the prompt, type the command linux rescue, and allow it to mount the FedoraCore install.

from the console type this:

chroot /mnt/sysimage /bin/bash

then type the commnaf grub ... you will be at the grub prompt, type:

setup (hd0)

then type quit and exit.
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