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What kind of video games are you all in to? (If you say you aren't into video games, then obviously you're a broken shell of your former self). wink.gif

*Yahoo/Net Chess

Anyone up for a match some time? biggrin.gif
Age of Mythology is the only game I play anymore. I am not much of a gamer and never really have been. But AOM is a really good game. Takes me back to the days of C&C and what not, those were the days.
Ok, so that was me, somebody forgot to disable guest posting. Upps, so ya, Age of Mythology, thats the only game I play anymore.
Final Fantasy,

that is the only reason why I'm buying a Play Station 2 , because after that idiot Final Fantasy film they lost 100.000.000$ [if correct], and Sony bought them, and they won't release any final fantasy games to the pc, I mean the real ones [not counting that good for nothing Final Fantasy 11], if everything goes okay, and I hope it goes, I'll recieve that PS2 today, and start playing final fantasy X-2 .

Other games I like to play are Gothic 1,2 ... Maffia like action/adventure/driving games
Need For Speed 6 [but only online]

Played a lot of StarCraft , but after my friend became to good [DESOLATOR], I stopped playing, he was getting on my nerves.

I don't play to many action games, because they usualy have 0 to 0.5 story.

And almost forgot, we sometimes play diablo 2 in multiplayer, with 4 players...and it's fun.
I don't do too many games, although I do like StarTrek Bridge Commander and StarTrek StarFleet Command III.

I sometimes play SimCity 4 or Age Of Mythology.
NHL2004 - This is the only reason why I still have Windows lying around. I am currently in the middle of dynasty mode.

Diablo II: LOD - I've never played this game before up until about 3 weeks ago when my roomate introduced me to it. Since then, i've spent probably 4-5 hours a day playing it. Currently, I'm in hell mode with my paladin, and getting roasted.

Urban Terror - A realistic Quake 3 mod based on terrorists and anti-terrorists. This is a really great game, and probably one of my favorite games of all time. I am part of a clan called [Hoy] who play often.
Guest postings have been disabled and Duende has been bent over my knee and spanked wink.gif
i got a few games laying around..

the only game that i really get into
and could play for hours on end is SOCOM II..

matter of fact couple weekends ago i pulled
an all niter staying up alllllllllll night long playing...

i played while watching the sun go down and
the sun come up...........WOOOOHOOOO......
I am not too into games on the pc just because I hate being on the computer 99 percent of my life


I have had quite an addictive stint with Neverwinter Nights.. OMG that game is so awesome.

Only problem is : you'll forget to sleep.

So now I just stick to my playstation.

Right now I"m playing Silent Hill 3.. scariest game ever!!!
Robert: You into the SNES FF games at all? (Get yourself an emulator if you havn't. XP)

Final Fantasy 5 is by far the best FF game. Ever. happy.gif

I have almost all the FF games, and played them all to.... I don't Episode 6 and I don't have FF 9.

On Friday I got my Play Station 2 , all weekend I'm playing Final Fantasy X-2 , but I wish I would be able to play X , since it seems to me that X-2 is a expansion sorta thing for the original game, and quiet mysterious , after 2 hrs....

Well gotta go back to gaming,...

O man I wish I could spend all weekend playing video games and I am not even that much of a gamer. But now, alas, Calc II final monday, Physics final Wed, CSci Data Structures final ....... uggg, six days and it will all be over.
not every weekend is like this, I guess It was a lucky weekend, I got the PS2, there were no errors in the network, nor any other problems, and I only need to do that Bandwidthd stuff, which is almost done, so I was playing all day long....

back to work, still gotta install win2000 terminal server on that server computer, I waited 2 months for the ram....we tried different ram modules with it and it was not working until now.
Black and White is one of my all-time favourites. Also, I used to spend countless hours playing Homeworld2 and lots of Civillization/SimCity/Ceasar/AgeofEmpires-type of games.

Has anyone played SpellForce?

Grzegorz L.

...and I also love those pixelated adventure games, thanks to them I learned english smile.gif
and they are the best type of games.... Discworld, Simon the Sorcerer , Longest Journey [was good, but not pixelated sad.gif ]
Haven't played too many on the Linux only platform but I plan to take my slackware box to MML this year. I tend to like RPG and RTS games so my favorites are any WarCraft, LOTR War of the Ring, Star Fleet Command, Star Trek Birth of the Federation, StarCraft and a few others. Check out the link, if anyone is close to Kentucky in the US and really likes to game this is the place to be:
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