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Full Version: Master Or Slave?
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I'm just starting to explore Linux, and I can already see that this will become a long-term relationship.
Since I'm not quite ready to give Windows the heave-ho yet, I decided I would like to give Linux some more space on a new hard-drive (I'm currently running it from a DOS-partition).
My question is this: What do I define the new disk as - master or slave? I still want to start up in Windows as default, but to be able to boot Linux with a floppy. If I am not mistaking, you can potentially have two master-drives, but I have never tried this.
Any suggestions?


you can have it like this,

Primary Master : WinXP Hard Drive
Primare Slave : CD-ROM
Secondary Master : Linux Hard Drive
Secondary Slave : CD-ROM or something

and please use grub as a boot loader, it a lot easier and better [at least that's my opinion about it] then lilo,
but you can boot linux from a floppy diskette as well, it is your choice.

Robert B

I use Win98, if that makes any difference.

I'll have to review GRUB before I make a switch. A 'how-to' would be nice, if it used Win98 as the staring-point. All the guides I've seen refer either to Linux or NT-based Windows.

Two master drives will not be a problem with LILO?
Is your windows drive currently on the primary master? If it is leave it there. This is what I wuold suggest.

Put your new linux HD on the slave port of the same IDE cable as your windows hard drive.

Than put your CD-ROMs and what not on the other IDE channel.

When you install your Linux distro and it asks "Where do you want to install your boot loader?" Say the First secter of your primary hard drive, or the MBR of hda1 or something like that.

Than you will be able to boot right into GRUB, which alows you to choose what to boot to from there, you can have Windows be the defualt, and than when you want linux you can just select it.
What distro are you going to install?

Just make sure to leave Windows 98 as the Primary master .... it doesn't really matter where you put the linux drive.
I just did almost this exact thing. All i did was installed linux on some free space on a drive and used the grub boot loader and installed it in the MBR or something along those lines. I installed Redhat 9.0 and it did all the work for me.
Thank you for your help!

I haven't done the installation yet, because my order for a hard-drive got delayed - of course!

I am installing Ark Linux, which I hope is the right distro for me (see in the 'general discussion'-category if you have a suggestion for me concerning distros wink.gif )

As far as I know, my machine, until now untouched by Linux-partitions, do not contain GRUB, and I haven't figured out how to install it through Win98. Do most Linux-distros come with this application and an option to install it?
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