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Full Version: Mandrake Start Problem
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I have installed Mandrake 10.0. When I type: startx it goes thru checks and then says: canīt start server, screens found but not installed . Imaginary memory too big ( 1024). This is my first Linux installation so I no nothing.
Something is screwed up in your XF86Config file. You can edit this by firing up an editor and opening the file. What you will probably want to do if post the entire file on-line. That could be difficult if you don't have a working GUI in linux. If you have a USB pen I can show you how to save it and than print it out.

First gain root priviliage, either log in as root, or type su
Fist, check to see if your using an XF86Config or an XF86Config-4
type cd /etx/X11 than ls if you don't see a -4 file than your not using it, if you do, than you are.

Now plug in the usb pen move to your /mnt folder by typing cd /mnt

Now make a directory for it, say usb by typing mkdir usb, now mount the pen.

mount -t vfat /dev/sda1 usb

You can than copy the file by typing cp /etc/X11/XF86Config /mnt/usb if you had the XF86Config-4 file just subistute that in

Now, unmount the pen and you got it. To unmount just make sure your not in the usb folder and type umount /mnt/usb

Ok, so if you don't have a USB pen (go get one they are handy as snot) you can open in using an editor like emacs just type

emacs /etc/X11/XF86Config

What we are really interested in is the Server Layout Device and Screens Sections. If you can get those up we can probably fix it.

You will also probably need to install drivers for at the very least your video card. Tell us what kind of video card you have and what kind of monitor it is and we can get you started.
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