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Full Version: Help Needed Badly
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I am getting desperate, so plz if any1 could help me, it would be wonderful!

I have installed Mandrake9.0 but I have a problem with my TFT Belinea 101715: I can't see the desktop and message displayed on the monitor is: out of frequency. I found the specification for the monitor on the net (horizontal/vertical sync....), but don't know what to do - I am totally new to Linux, especially because I can not see it : sad.gif . Does anyone has any idea what should I do?
Thx in advance

I asume you used Lilo as your boot loader when you installed Mandrake. So try this, at Lilo pres esc than type the name of your mandrake install followed by the command screen= 800x600 so your command would look something like this

mandrake screen= 800x600

If that doesn't work, try the command failsafe thats it, nothing else. If you can get into a graphical system run the configuration tool. If you can't your going to have to edit your XF86Config file. Post your specs for your monitor and we can help you create one.

Installing the drivers for your video card would also help to. What kind of video card are you using?
Hi lest0039,

Thanks for your quick reply, smile.gif I appreciate it!
Here are the specs you have asked:
Belinea; Belinea 101715; MAX06b3; 30.0-61.0; 56.0-75.0; 1
and my card is: Intel 82845G.

I tried to boot with another monitor and to change the settings, but it didn't do any good when I switched to the TFT. I am going to reinstall Mandrake (I edited MonitorsDB file - I messed up something), and wait for your reply.

Ok, sorry your post got lost. Lets get back into this.

First, how long have you waited to see if the monitor will work? Some times its just the loading framebuffer thats messed up. I have seen that on computers before, you can't see anything till you get to the log in screen.

And the failsafe didn't work? I am pretty well convinced that what we need to do is get the video drivers installed, but to do that we need a interface. Ok, lets try setting everyone from Lilo.

So type in this, subing the Linux at the begining for your boot name.

Linux screen=800x600 fb800x600 xvrefresh=61

and see what happens.

I solved my problem; I installed Mandrake 10.0, and it works perfectly! cool.gif Thank u for offering your help! See yaa

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