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Full Version: Building A Dedicated Linux Server With Apache, Twi
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I am interested in building a dedicated Linux server (running Apache and CVS)… I want to build a very efficient machine and use a KVM (keyboard, video, mouse) that is connected to Windoze XP…….

Any stores that sell prebuilt dedicated servers? I am interested in Mandrake, Debian, and/or Red Hat (I used to have a dual boot with Red Hat 9 and Mandrake, but don’t know of which parts to buy for a new machine)…

I also use a cable modem that is connected to a wireless router… This makes my IP address into a NAT address à, how can I configure Apache, Twiki, and CVS on this? And also, I wish to use TightVNC… Is there a workaround to the NAT address?

I run cygwin on Windoze XP. I want to be able to write Perl, Python, Java, & Ruby src and check them into my dedicated server……

Can I anyone help me?

All the best,

You can use any good box as a dedicated server .... and install your OS of choice. (I would recommend WhiteBox EL or CentOS 3.1. {For info concerning community Enterprise Linux distos, see this thread and the article I wrote for OSNEWS called Introduction to Enterprise Linux}

As far as your NAT problem is concerned, you would do Port Forwarding of Port 80 (and 443 if https is required) using your router to This will bring in all web traffic to the server.

You can also port forward on the router the required ports for a vnc connection ... but I (any they) don't think it is secure (and what RealVNC says).

If you want to do it anyway, here is how.
What do you think of the Java Desktop System?

Walmart has them in stock, ranging from $200 - 400...

I am too lazy and don't have the time to go out and assemble a dedicated server, so I am thinking about just buying the Java Desktop System.....

For information on the Java Desktop System (its an altered version of Suse running GNOME):

Check this out at Walmart:

Tell me waht you think!

I wouldn't actually use the Sun JDS to run the server on ... but either the JDS for $298 or the other system (that looks to be the same as the JDS, only on OS) for $248 would be good for a server (each only has 128mb RAM ... so you might want to buy a stick of 128 MB 266 MHz DDR memory, so you have 256mb RAM.

If you also bought that from wal-mart it would be $43.00.

I would probably get the $248.00 duron and the stick of ram for $43.

Since the machine can have the JDS system installed, you should be able to install any version of Linux on it without to many problems.
You probably could run a website on the JDS system if it has apache ... and there may be proprietary linux drivers for some hardware included, so it might be worth the $50 to go ahead and have it come preloaded. You could then backup drivers if you installed another OS ... or maybe run a website on the JDS machine (though I wouldn't do it that way).
Also, if you wish to just use VNC locally, and not allow people across the internet to access it, you would just type in your nat address (

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