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Full Version: Mapping A Windows Network Drive From Linux
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i am consitering moving my desktop computer over from windows XP to Linux. The only consern that i have is some of are servers are still running windows, thus i need to beable to access there network shares. Does anybody have any good sites explaining how to do this/know how to do this? Thanks in adavnce.
I'm a newb, so take this for what it's worth.

I just installed SuSE 9.0 at home and it picked up my home network immediately. I can access all of my XP shares, no problem. Did a few read/writes, file transfers, all went well.
I didn't try mapping a drive, but I'd assume that would be fairly simple.

Just my $.02.
yeah, i know that i can mount the drives...then again, i guess that i could just run a script at startup that mounts them automagically. I guess that's what i get for "posting before i think".
You can mount them via fstab ... but personally I like to mount them via an external script.

See this for a way to mount samba shares in fstab.
Thanks for the info.
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