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Dear colleagues:
I'm trying to run a specific Windows application in a PC running Linux Red Hat 9.0.
This is an application specially developed to high security e-mailing systems.
I installed CrossOver Office that allows to install some windows applications and I had some success.
I tried with win and the same... some success.
The case is... when I run the e-mail application we're developed, wine reports a lot of lines as:
"No debug information for C:WINDOWSSYSTEMfilename.dll"

I understand that we had not installed a lot of dlls our application needs to run.
for this, I tried to install Windows 98 using CrossOver Office but it can not install Windows 98 neither Win 95.
I think I'm bored of this, and I think it has not a solution.
But I came here triyng to find a genius who can give me a little help to install Windows into the Linux PC.
Is it possible?????

I hope someone can help me.
In other way, I think I will throw to the trash this Linux PC (CPU, monitor, keyboard and mouse) smile.gif
Thank you!!!!
Hey, Try VMware, it cost a little, but it'll work for sure.
vmware will work to install a windows 98 into linux if you just want to run the application on your PC

... but

if you are trying to develope a version of the application to run on Linux, this won't be much help (as having a requirement to install vmware to run your application on linux is really just running it on windows).
Then try wine. or winelib. although i tryed installing wine this weekend, and was not successful. Oh, well, there's always next weekend. biggrin.gif I also think that vmware is what this guy wants. Read the following quote:

But I came here triyng to find a genius who can give me a little help to install Windows into the Linux PC.

Meh, ether way i am sure somebody here can help him find what he's looking for.
Well, if all you need is some .dll files, why not just download and install them. A few sites offering them are:

Or, use one of the excellent and secure Linux e-mail programs and forget about Windows, .dll files, and all the rest of that nonsense.


Jim Dishaw
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