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Full Version: Enabling Usb Keyboard In Bootloader
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I just have a quick question. I recently purchased a KVM switch for my computer. It takes input from the keyboard, mouse, monitor and sound card, and exports it to the computer as an audio cable, monitor plug and usb plug. The problem I am experiencing is that when one of the computers boot up, I can't select between operating systems in the grub bootscreen because the keyboard won't pick up until the OS is fully booted. So, I have to reach behind my computer, unplug the keyboard from the switch and plug it in to my computer so i can select the OS, then unplug and plug back into the switch.

Is there a bootload that supports a 'usb' keybaord? I've also noticed some weird stuff happening when in Linux with the USB keyboard, such as the arrow keys not working (not on the number pad) and when i press 'm', it minimizes a window.
what kinda of kvm switch you have, i have a kvm switch but mine uses all ps2 for keyboard,mouse and of course the regular plug for the monitor....

the one thing i do have is a usb keyboard, but i have an ps2 adaptor for it,
i have run into trouble with not being able to switch between computers
or the keyboard would lock up...what i usually do to resolve it , is to
unplug and re-plug in the keyboard from the computer you are switching from
and then try your keyboard...

because i have a quick question, you had a usb keyboard attached before
you got your kvm switch, so how were you able to make the selection in grub then?
Well, the thing is, the keyboard is a PS/2 keyboard. The switch takes the PS/2 inputs from keyboard and mouse, and outputs it as one USB cable. Windows and Linux picks up those two devices as usb devices (remember, usb can have multiple devices connected through one port) and they work fine. However, the OS has to load first for that to happen (and the USB devices have to be loaded). I've searched through the bios to try and find some sort of "USB Keyboard" option, but there are none there.

My motherboard is fairly new, it's an ASUS A7N266-E motherboard that i purchased two years ago. It's a NVidia nforce1 motherboard.

I'm baffled.
so it inputs everything from the kvm into 1 usb port?

if thats the case....thats got me too
The monitor has it's own plug and sound has it's own plug. Keyboard and mouse are joined together as 1 usb plug

I dunno either, i'll have to pester the grub crowd
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