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Full Version: Linux/windows Dual Boot * Remote Reboot *
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I have a dual boot (win+linux) machine (call it M) at work.

If I am working locally on M, I can easily reboot into either operating
system, since during reboot I can override the default OS by waiting for
the OS menu and manually choose the OS I want. No problems so far.

However, I usually need to connect to M remotely from home.

When I am at home and M is booted in windows, I use "Windows Remote
Desktop", and when I am at home and M is booted in linux, I use
ssh/vnc/xwin32.. etc.

If I working *remotely* on either windows or linux, I need a way to be
able to reboot the machine into either OS.


Remember that I can not now manually choose the OS I want to override the
default since I am at home and M is at work.

The info I got so far is that if I am using the linux boot loader then I
can edit grub.conf to change the default OS, and when I using windows boot
loader I can edit the boot.ini and make linux the default. However once
Win is booted from linux or linux is booted from windows, there is no way
to go back to the orignal OS to change the default. I.e. this flexibility
of booting Linux/Win to Linux/Win doesn't seem to be working.

Am I stuck?
How can this be done?
Any ideas?

* pls email to

Thanks a lot!

I really don't know an easy way to do that ...

If the boot partition is seperate, you might backup all the files in /boot and use a fat32 filesystem on the boot partition (you would then have to change it in /etc/fstab and mount it with one of the options as umask=0000 and copy all the files back and make sure the vfat module is in the initrd image ... then you could probably edit the grub.conf file from both windows and linux to change the default= line to boot to the proper OS.

I have never made the /boot partition fat32, so I don't know how well this would work ... anyone here ever tried it?
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