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hi to all!

I'm a newbie and I'm choosing which Linux (RH, Slack, Debian, Suse) install.

can you help me?

Heh, biggrin.gif

well since i am an avid slackware user, i recommend that. It all depends, really on what you want to do with the box...when i first started out i found slackware very easy to use.
Here is the simple fact, they are all pretty much the same, plus if your using it mostly for the GUI and simple purposes your experience with the distro is going to be mostly the desktop not the disto.

Ounce you through KDE or GNOME ontop of a linux distro, to the average user they pretty much all become alike.

Personally I recomend Mandrake because I think it has one of the easiest installs, the rpm packets are convient and make installs and upgrades a breeze. But what ever. Your going to have a good experince as long as you pick anything with a semi-easy install. I say, just pick one of the major distros and knock yourself out (major distos would be considered at least the ones available from the ISO link on this page). If you don't like it, try another. Have some fun. No one distro is universally better than the rest, and even know every detail of your needs its gonna be hard to pick. Pick something and run with it. As long as it isn't some fringe niche distro your going to be fine. Just enjoy it.
My sig tells you what I think .... and for a newbie, I recommend mandrake.
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