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Hi All,

Could someone please direct me to a step by step guide on how I can get my Red Hat 5.2 version of Linux to work with my Cable Modem?

On our Guide's Page there is a guide written by Joey called Cable Modem Guide by Joey. Have a look through this first, and if you run into any trouble, post your question here.

I actually did try to follow that guide a few months ago with no luck! BUt i'll try it again and hopefully you can help me out...

OK the first step says that I need to recompile my kernel with support for the ethernet card[B].

Does that mean that when recompiling my kernel I will need to provide some information about ethernet card??

Are there certain settings I need to select in my config file when I run the "make xconfig" command?
Well, Redhat 5.2 is a fairly old version of redhat, that was the latest and greatest when I started with linux 4 years ago. Later versions of Redhat make it quick an dpainless to connect to the internet, so maybe you should look at that first.

Eithe rway, you need to find out what kind of nic you have, and recompile your kernel with that nic module included. For example, i have a Realtek 8139 ethernet card, so i place a (M) next to that option in the kernel's "make menuconfig" and it creates the module 8139too for me
I don't remember if Redhat 5.2 comes with DHCPCD package which most cable providers need to get an IP. I also remember back in my redhat days that Pump (the dhcp client) for Redhat was severly bugged. What you may want to try first is to dialup with a PPP account and get the dhcpcd.rpm and latest pump.rpm packages at the minimum. Otherwise, you should seriously consider running a more current version of Redhat ... at least 6.2. Is there any reason that you would want to run such an archaic version?

Thanks for all that, there is no real reason why i need to use Red Hat 5.2..its just what i've had sitting here!

I'll get my self a newer version and try again! :-)
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