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Full Version: Redhat 9.0 And Sndconfig
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I am a newbie to Linux.
I was running Mandrake 9.0 and decided to switch over to RedHat 9.0 for trial basis.
Have an old deshutes pentium 350MHZ machine with a SB compatible sound card onboard mobo. With Mandrake, I just run the sndconfig RPM, and then went into a terminal and "sndconfig" and went through the process of setting it up and it worked fine. Now , Redhat is a different story. I run the sndconfig RPM in redhat and it runs, but when I go to a terminal and run sndconfig it says command not found. I have looked, searched, tried usr/sbin , modprobe, and cannot locate sndconfig anywhere,I have even run sndconfig RPM's from earlier redhats and mandrakes, and they just disappear? Nor is there any record of the RPM running. Whats up?
Did I miss something? I have spent 2 days looking for answers on-line, and everyone says, run sndconfig in a terminal, OK, but sndconfig will not run in Redhat 9.0. Worked great in Mandrake, what happen in Redhat?

Did you install the RedHat rpm? RPM files are different from system to system, and even version to version. If you tried to use the same rpm on your RedHat system that you used on Mandrake it wont work.
on my redhat distro it is called:


use it at the terminal....
Thanks People:

Yes, I have run the(redhat 9.0)(cd3) RPM from X and from CLI, both open a window and it looks like it is running normally, and then finishes it's process, then it's gone! No where to be found.

Yes, I have run redhat-config-soundcard command but all it brings up is the PNP program that looks for a
PCI device. Not an ISA legacy device.

This is so strange, because with Mandrake 9.0 it was wham bam thank you mame and it was done.

I am about ready to put Mandrake back in, at least it worked right!

Work on it some more, maybe.
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