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Full Version: Stuck In Console, Help!
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Alright, My story is that I'm running a virtual Linux computer (i don't think that has anything to do with my problem) and if you don't know what I'm talking about, it's just linux that runs on my computer, which also has windows, and they're both on the same partition. Ok, So one day, I installed Mandrake 10, and it installed fine, I went into KDE and had a good time, it worked fine! The next day, I decided I wanted to add some more video card power to my system (using third-party applications) so, I opened up the console (using the Control + Alt + F1 method and then I installed the software, and I restarted (I went back to KDE, using Control + Alt + F7 method first). Problem is, whenever I try to restart, the computer boots into the console with the message :
Welcome to Mandrake 10
logon to localhost: root
password : <my root password>
and then it gives me the regular console, and I hit Control + Alt + F7, but it won't let me back into the KDE desktop environment (it locks up) so How do I get it to go back into KDE?
WOW! i am the most noobish noob I know of, who knew all I had to do was use the "startx" command.
Thanks LinuxHelp!
If you want it to start in graphical mode from now on you can edit your inittab file

Gain root privilage, than cd /etc and open the file inittab in your favorite editor. Change the following line




Save it and from now on when you boot up it will go into graphical by defualt.
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