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Full Version: Dynamic Dns
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Ah, I finnally bought a domain name some time ago.

Nifty, huh? smile.gif

I went with, because... well they were cheap. smile.gif

Now I'm faced with a problem. They do not have Dynamic DNS. So I'm forced to use forwarding.

So I'm forced to go with either having to have masking enabled all the time (Which I do not like...) or just have it forward to a free DynDNS name.

Both are, IMO, unacceptable. The company has been uncooperative, and refuses to help me find a solution to my problem.

Solution? I'm hoping that I can host my own DNS (and on the webserver it's for, no less). happy.gif

My question is... is that possible? Since I've already registered the domain name, and all. I've looked around, and it seems that any other solution would cost me $20-$30 a year.

How would I be able to set up DynamicDNS?

I've read (which answers alot of my questions, but doesn't seem to mention DymaicDNS. But maybe I missed it?)
godaddy sucks as far as im concerned....i had a friend i went to school with was opening his own business and decided to use them for hosting...well his site got cracked into..and the people at godaddy did absolutely nothing to help him...didnt bother to look at log files....and shut his account down without providing any help what so ever...they just assumed it was him doing the things that was apparently going on with his site and didnt provide support or anything....i dont think that they helped with switching hosting providers...thats how crappy and shitty they are...

so if i was you i would leave godaddy before anything else bad happens to you
Sign up with Look at their dynamic dns service ... it is free.

They will tell you where to point your DNS servers to ... change the dns records at to point to the proper nameservers at zoneedit and add your records at zone edit.

then use one of the clients for Unix or Windows to detect your IP and keep zoneedit updated.

I have been using this for for more than 2 years with no major problems...
Wow, thank you very much. smile.gif

Yes, I really wish I had picked another register now. ;-_-

hughesjr, what are you planning on doing with your site? happy.gif
it doesn't make any difference who registers your domain name .... they are not hosting your site.

If someone is breaking into your site, it doesn't matter who registered the name.

IF they were also hosting his site, then it would matter. Termina just registered the domain with godaddy ... I don't think he is also hosting the site there.

I agree ... I wouldn't host my site with them, but they are cheep to register domains.
BTW ... if you don't have a static IP, you can't host your own DNS. The DNS servers listed on your domain record must be static....
I don't do anything with my site ... it is just there so I can provide things for for people to download. I bought the domain so i can have a permanent e-mail address.
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