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Full Version: Mandrake Install Help!
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Pink Floyd 1337
Ok, so I'm trying to install Mandrake Linux 9.2 on my Windows XP system.

Now, whenever it gets to the part where you select your hard drive partition, I need to make one on my drive, so I select the option to make one using free space on my Windows partition (Which is about 20% full)

When it analyzes it, it tells me that my hard drive is too fragmented to make a partition. So, I defragmented it. Still too fragmented. Defragged again. Still too fragmented.

What's wrong? Doesn't it work with my file system? (NTFS)
It does work with NTFS although I have only ever personally tried it ounce. What I would recomend doing is a full system scan disk. That will find any errors in the disk tabels which is probably whats causing the problems, not the fragmentation. Try that and see what happens.
Pink Floyd 1337
Thanks, I'll try that.
Pink Floyd 1337
Wait, how do you run scandisk in Win XP?

There's no taskbar thing for it, and I've tried run > scandisk.exe and no luck.
Fine, I will reboot and figuer it out. Give me a min, I know you can do it.
The fastest way to do it so to open My Computer right click on the drive and go to Properties |Tools | error-checking

That will do it. Ok, quick check my web pages in IE for compatitbilty and I am out of here like, ok, lets try not to offend any one here.
Pink Floyd 1337
Never mind, I googled it, sorry about that.

No errors, the drive is fine.

I'm just gonna use PartitionMagic to make a special Linux partition, so I don't have to use the installer's partition feature (Which I don't trust)
good plan, don't bother making partitions for linux, just open up the space and let the Mandrake installer take care of it.
Pink Floyd 1337
Yeah, that's what I plan to do.

On another note, can you point me in the direction of a good, (preferably free) NTFS patitioner? See, PartitionMagic, as well as the Mandrake Linux default partitoner, can't partition an NTFS drive properly.
I don't know of anything other than Partition Magic. Norton Ghost might be able to, but I don't remember.

I think you are going to run into problems with what ever NTFS resize you try to use. If you can't get two to work, than your are likely going to not get any. I am guessing thier is something wierd with your drive in some way. Keep looking, you may find something, but I think you are going to run into the same problems.
Partition Magic 8 can partition NTFS drives with no problem....But if you have the drive setup as a Dynamic Disk, you might have problems.

I personally would recommend a seperate drive for Linux. (If you have an open IDE connector on one of your channels). A new 20-40 gb drive (7200rpm) is less than $50.00.

(BTW, I don't own {or get any money from} ... I just found them at when looking at hard drives.
Hard drives are too damn expensive (atleast small ones).

120 gig HDD - $64
60 gig HDD - $50
30 gig HDD - $41

See my point? smile.gif It's really more cost effective just to get a 120gig HDD (even if a smaller one is a little faster, which in this case it isn't).

Gah, if only more people sold used working 30gig HDDs. happy.gif

And I too can vouche for Partition Magic 8 on NTFS.

I use it constantly. Formatting, resizing, creating... it's all good. biggrin.gif I've only had one bad experience with it, and that was an older version.
I agree .... and I saw a 160gb drive for $90. If I was buying a drive, I would buy that. (and I recommend that).

But, my point is this ... you can get a small drive for $45. Some people don't want to spend more (or even that much) when they think they can dual boot.

However, one slip up and your whole other drive is gone ... for some people, that is worth much more than $45 or $90 bucks. Other people just wnt to dual boot. I personally wouldn't put linux and windows on the same drive.

For safety, a second drive is much safer. But, If you can't set the jumpers right ... or if you pick the wrong drive to format, you can still mess up the original drive.
Pink Floyd 1337
Well, a few days later, I got Linux working.

Had to buy a new version of PartitionMagic, I was basing my info on an old version (Pre - Windows NT. Yes, I know that's old.)
Well ... that would not be able to do NTFS smile.gif (since it was invented for NT biggrin.gif )
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