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I need to build an FTP server to handle nightly downloads of documents. I'd also like this machine to double as a Web server for my Intranet.

Can anyone recommend a particular distribution of Linux - keeping in mind that I'm a novice user?


Whitebox Enterprise Linux 3.0 is the one I would use

Robert B
Whitebox is very good, Mandrake might be a little more straight forwoard for you to have a look at as a newbie to. Just giving you some more options.

Easy, Live distro (to check to make sure all your hardware works with it).

Then just grab ProFTPd, Apache2, PHP, and (if you want) Mysql.

I'm currently writing a guide I *hope* the people here will put up.

It will (in part) talk about how to set up a LAMP debian server, along with how to build a computer with linux in mind

happy.gif Just thought I'd say that here. <.< >.> is where you can get it, by the way.
I don't know how I would feel about having my server on a live distro. You either have to much about with having all the saved settings saved somewhere or everytime your forced to reboot you would have to reconfigure everything.

If you are really setting up a dedicated server, than you should have a dedicated linux system on top of it.
Knoppix can be installed on the harddrive (which is what I meant, sorry biggrin.gif) as Debian.

#sudo knx-hdinstall

Then make yourself a swap/linux partition (set linux partition as active, write to disk, and exit).

Only Debian that requires almost no effort. happy.gif

Sorry, wasn't thinking clearly. Which must be your fault. O_O *darts away while everyone is confused*

You are a Support Specialist now ... of course we will put up your guide cool.gif
I would also setup my server on WhiteBox ... if I wanted it to be stable, updated and have a long support cycle.
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