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Hi please can some one help me

Linux Version 8 redhat

Fetchmail is downloading mail from my ISP and sending it to the local user mailboxes but when my local user are connecting with their mail clients (outlook 2000) it is Authenticating but then it says they have no new messages even though if i check their mailboxes through webmin it says they have got mail

I have made sure that the username and password are correct and the the mail client is looking at the correct pop & smtp.

if i send external mail it works perfectly

OK ... where are you having fetchmail deliver to ...

If it is to their home directories, then if the logged onto the UNIX machine, they could read their mail ... but they wouldn't be able to read it via a pop3/imap account.

I think your setup is delivering the mail locally on the server and not holding it for distrubution.

What are you using (on the redhat server) to allow the users to login with outlook?
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